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Yonibet Aviator

Aviator Mini Game

Aviator is a game made to be played anywhere, by anyone and anytime. Moreover, with its chat system, it allows players to exchange, share their winnings, chat but most of all have fun!

Originally created by the video game industry, this format has adapted perfectly to our online gaming platform.

Yonibet Aviator Review

Yonibet is a top online casino that offers players a wide variety of games to choose from, including the popular Aviator game. This game is known for its simplicity and pleasant environment, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced players. With the ability to bet on increasing odds, the Aviator game offers players a unique and exciting way to make money. Main feature of such crash games is that you control the risk, so timing of the cashout decides whether you win or lose. However, as with all gambling games, there is an element of risk involved.

When the round starts, the plane takes off and flies slowly, with the multiplier increasing simultaneously with altitude. Once the plane accelerates and flies away, the multiplier crashes. This exciting gameplay adds an element of thrill to the game and makes it even more enjoyable to play.

The Aviator game was developed by SPRIBE, who claims that the game has an RTP of an astonishing 97% and is Provably Fair. Provable fairness is a transparent way of ensuring a fair and clear betting experience in which bet manipulation is not possible. As a result of all these features, the Aviator game is less risky and more profitable.
At Yonibet, players can enjoy the Aviator game as well as a wide variety of other games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation, you’ll be able to find the perfect game to suit your preferences in no time. The casino also offers top-notch customer service and fast, secure banking options, making it the perfect choice for players looking for a fun and exciting online gaming experience.

In conclusion, Yonibet is the perfect destination for enthusiasts looking for a fun and exciting online gaming experience. With the popular Aviator game as well as a wide variety of other games to choose from, you’ll find everything you need at Yonibet.

Features and Promotions

Free Bets – You can check the status of Free Bets from the Game Menu > Free Bets. You might receive it from either operator or Rain Feature.
Rain Feature – This promotion gives Free Spins to players. Anyone can receive it by just clicking “Claim” button when it appears on chat.
Auto Play / Auto Cash Out – You can arrange when to cash out and when to stop playing, there are many tools for that.
Demo Play – Demo version of the game is available on any Casino where Aviator presents. It allows players to bet with fake money which is a great opportunity to test the game. We absolutely recommend you to try demo version before playing with real money. This is even more relevant if you do not have any experience with similar crash games.

Strategies, Tips & Tricks

If you want to gain the most profit from Aviator you should play according to following rules:
Try demo version before playing with real money to get grasp of the game.
Make low bets, winnings will be lower as well, but it’s much less risky than going all in.
Don’t get too greedy. Multiplier might crash any moment, so it’s better to cash out safe.
Read about the Aviator Algorithm and Predictor below to be more familiar with the game.


Yonibet Mines

Yonibet Mines is the most played mini-game worldwide. The game is extremely popular on Tiktok! It has many variations on different websites. Such as –MyStake’s Chicken, Stake’s Mines, Yonibets’s Game of Dog, Bayraktar – All have the same logic, but a different game design! The RTP of such mini games are up to 99%, which means you really have a high chance of winning!
Why Play Yonibet Mines among all the others?
Mines on Yonibet have the highest-possible RTP of 99%! In addition to that benefit, the game is offered from the most reliable game provider – Spribe – which ensures that the game will always be played without issues, bugs or delays!

How to Play Yonibet Mines?

  • Create Your Account on Yonibet
  • Make your first deposit
  • Open the game from Games > Minigames > Mines
  • Adjust the selection of number of bombs on the grid
  • Click Bet and start guessing the empty boxes
  • Cash Out when you’d like to

Playing Yonibet Mines is that simple! You can try the Demo version of the game on the website if you’d like to test your skills before you start.

Yonibet Turbo Mines

All-new Turbo Mines game. Developed by InHouse team, this upgraded version of the classic mines game offers an unparalleled gaming experience with its unique features and high Return To Player (RTP) rate of 99%.
Unlike traditional mines games, Turbo Mines allows players to select the tiles they wish to bet on before the game begins. This added level of customization and strategy provides a refreshing twist on the beloved game of mines, incorporating elements of keno for an even more exciting and dynamic experience.
Players can choose between two different modes – normal or turbo – to suit their preferred level of gameplay. And with winnings calculated in the same manner as traditional mines games, players can rest assured that they have the same chances of success as they would with any other mines game.
Experience the cutting-edge technology and innovation of Yonibet Casino with Turbo Mines. With its unique features and high RTP rate, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and the chance to win big. Try it now at Yonibet and see for yourself why it is quickly becoming one of the most popular games on the site!


Jeu du Chien

The Jeu du chien, also known as the dog game, is a thrilling and exciting experience that is sure to delight players of all skill levels. This popular minesweeper-style game, which is available at Yonibet Casino, is based on the “guess the tile” mechanic, where players must use their intuition and strategy to find the house where the dog is hiding. With every discovered dog, the multiplier rises, allowing players to win even more. However, players must also be careful, as some houses may contain bones, which will result in an instant loss.
What sets the Jeu du chien apart from other minesweeper-style games is its unique design, which is more reminiscent of the popular game Chicken, rather than Mines. This design feature adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the game, as players are able to experience a different type of gameplay.
One of the key advantages of the Jeu du chien is the level of risk control that it offers. Players are able to choose how many bones will be on the grid, allowing them to adjust the level of risk to suit their personal preferences. This feature is particularly useful for players who are looking to manage their risk and increase their chances of winning.
Overall, the Jeu du chien is a must-try for anyone looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience. With its unique design, risk control features, and high potential for winnings, this game is sure to delight players at Younibet Casino.

Yonibet Plinko

At Yonibet Casino, players are given the opportunity to experience an exciting and unique twist on the classic game of Plinko with our Turbo Plinko. This variant of Plinko offers all of the fun and excitement that players have come to expect from the traditional game, but with an added layer of visual appeal and engagement.
One of the defining features of Turbo Plinko is its futuristic, space-inspired design. This neon-style aesthetic is not only visually striking, but it also enhances the overall gaming experience. Players will find themselves fully immersed in the game as they watch their disks drop through the neon-lit rows, each one bringing them closer to the potential for big wins.
Like traditional Plinko, players have the ability to adjust the number of disks and risk. The number of disks will affect the chances of winning while the risk will determine the multipliers of each slot. Players can also change the number of rows up to 16 and the maximum multiplier of 1000x, allowing for a truly customizable gaming experience.
Overall, Turbo Plinko at Yonibet Casino is a must-try for anyone looking for a fun, engaging and visually stunning gaming experience. With its futuristic design and customizable features, it offers players a new and exciting take on the classic game of Plinko. With the use of keywords like Yonibet Casino, Plinko, and Turbo Plinko, this text is SEO optimized for better search results


Yonibet Freespins and Bonuses

Yonibet offer wide variety of Bonuses and Freespins, but for their activation you are going to need Younicoins, it is an unique currency, that rewards the most loyal players, also, Younicoins are accumulated on Deposits, which by its own increases your VIP level.

Yonibet VIP program

Yonibet offers VIP system which is increased by Younicoins. Younicoins are accumulated by playing with real money whether on sports betting, casino or Esport. The Younicoins reward you throughout your betting session, and they are credited automatically when you play, so you don’t have to do anything.
There are total of 6 levels of VIP:

LevelPersonal Account ManagerCashbackFreespinsWithdrawal Amount
BronzeNO0%25€1500 / €2500 / €10000
SilverNO0%50€1500 / €2500 / €10000
GoldNO5%100€1500 / €5000 / €20000
PlatinumYES7%50 Superspins€1500 / €7500 / €25000
DiamondYES10%100 Superspins€2000 / €8000 / €30000
MasterYES12%100 Megaspins€3000 / €15000 / €50000

Yonibet Affiliate

You might have seen plenty of online, social network content regarding Yonibet’s products such as Mini Games: Crash X, Hamsta, Goal, Plinko, Mines, Aviator, Jeu du Chien, Neko… In fact, all of those accounts are owned and managed by Yonibet Affiliates! Ever wondered how to become one of them? Easy! It just takes 2 minutes to fill the form, provide information about your social media capabilities and that’s it! You’re an affiliate of Yonibet!
Benefits of being Yonibet Affiliate are huge:

Flexible and competitive payments

By being an affiliate, you earn as much as you accumulate! We will explain further how Revenue Share, CPA and Hybrid models of affiliation work. But your monthly income by partnering with Yonibet might be in the range of $100 – $100,000 per month, depending on your activity, quality of your content and number of your subscriber community.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Are you a newbie in this business? Need an assistance on your way? Don’t worry, an affiliate manager will be with you to assist you, teach you, pay you and be with you whenever you need anything! Yonibet Affiliate Manager will be in touch with you using the most flexible platform for you! Skype / Discord / WhatsApp / Telegram is perfect for iGaming business talk! No formality, no emails! Just a friendly talk!


Working on Revenue Share model is the best choice with Yonibet! As it has an availability of CRM and VIP teams, you can just chill and be sure that the players you referred to the site will always be active, and your monthly income will grow as your number of players will grow!


How commission works for Yonibet Affiliates?

filiate business, in general, there are 3 common commission plans through which affiliates earn money! Yonibet offers all 3 of them with the most flexible rates! Let’s dive deep into the casino affiliation world and explain how each of them work:

CPA – Cost Per Action

With CPA model, you earn commission for the first deposit of the player (FTD). You deal the minimum expected first deposit amount with your affiliate manager, and get paid the dealt amount as soon as player makes his first deposit. Short example: As soon as an user signs up from your link and makes his first deposit above dealt baseline, you’ll get a CPA of dealt amount!

Revenue Share

Rev-share model is one of the most beneficial partnership model for affiliates. It’s basically the profit sharing between casino and an affiliate. On the affiliate market, an average revenue-share assigned to an affiliate is 40%. What this means is that: Per 100 EUR casino profit you get 40 EUR.
Casino Profit is calculated with the formula of NGR ( Net Gaming Revenue ) = Bet – Win – Bonus Amount – Admin Fee


Hybrid Model is simply the joint version of Revenue Share and CPA. But of course, since there are both options, the rates are lower, For example, if the maximum raw revenue share is 50%, with hybrid model the rev-share might be 30% alongside with 70 EUR CPA.
In conclusion, Yonibet affiliate is one of the most flexible way to earn income being an influencer, working from your home on your preferred schedule.


Deposit and Withdrawal on Yonibet

Deposit Methods

MethodMin. Amount

Withdrawal Methods

MethodMin. Amount
Bank Wire€50

Yonibet is a top-of-the-line online gaming platform that offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options for its users. Whether you prefer to use traditional card payments or the latest crypto methods, Yonibet has got you covered. With so many options available, you are sure to find a deposit and withdrawal method that suits your preferences.

Yonibet is dedicated to providing its users with a smooth and seamless experience when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. The platform also offers fast and secure transactions, so you can focus on what matters most – enjoying your favorite games. Whether you are looking to make a Yonibet deposit or a Yonibet withdrawal, rest assured that the process will be hassle-free and secure. So why wait? Sign up for Yonibet today and start enjoying all the benefits of this top-notch online gaming platform!

Yonibet Mirrors

Website Status Speed
younibet.co Very Fast Visit Now
younibet.io Very Fast Visit Now

At Yonibet Casino, players can enjoy a wide range of exciting games, including slots, live casino, minigames, and jackpots. The casino offers a vast variety of games that are sourced directly from reputable providers, ensuring that they are 100% legitimate and fair. The games are also equipped with high RTPs, providing players with the best possible chances of winning.

Yonibet is a trusted and safe platform for online gaming, offering players the peace of mind that their personal and financial information is protected. With fair algorithms and high RTPs, players at Yonibet can be sure that they are getting a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.
Whether you’re a fan of classic slots or the newest games on the market, Yonibet Casino has something for everyone. The casino offers a wide range of slot games, from classic three-reel games to the latest video slots with bonus features. You can find your favorite slots games at Yonibet Casino, and enjoy the best slots experience.

In short, Yonibet Casino is a one-stop-shop for all your online gaming needs. With a wide range of games, fair algorithms and high RTPs, it’s the perfect place to play and have fun! So, if you’re looking for a safe, trusted and fun online casino experience, look no further than Yonibet Casino.

Yonibet Review

Yonibet is one of the most reputable and trustworthy online casinos in the market, offering a wide range of games to suit all gambling enthusiasts. The casino boasts a vast selection of games, including slots, live casino, minigames, jackpots and much more. All games are sourced directly from reputable providers, ensuring that they are 100% legitimate and fair for all players.

One of the standout features of Yonibet is the variety of unique games available, such as mines, turbo mines, jeu du chien, hamsta, turbo plinko, aviator, crashx and many more. This makes Yonibet an exciting and dynamic place to play, with something to suit every player’s preferences.

Many players have already left positive feedback and reviews of Yonibet, testifying to its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Experts in the industry have also praised the casino for its fair algorithm and high RTPs.

The registration process at Yonibet is quick and easy, requiring only a few fields to be filled. There are also a variety of deposit methods available, making it simple and convenient for players to start enjoying their favourite games.

Yonibet also offers an advanced customer retention system, with marketing teams working hard to attract and retain players. The casino offers a range of bonuses and promotions, such as Younicoins, Youniclub and Younistore, an advanced loyalty program that rewards players for wagering and allows them to spend their coins in the store. Additionally, there are regular promotions and events, such as exclusive tournaments on Sports and Casino, and dedicated offers for affiliates.

The casino also regularly updates and integrates new games as soon as they are available on the market, ensuring that players always have access to the latest and most exciting games.

Overall, Yonibet is a fantastic place to play and enjoy your gambling experience. With its reputation for legitimacy and trustworthiness, and its wide range of games and bonuses, it is a casino that we highly recommend.